Back Story

In the summer of 2018 two people-passionate femmes discussed the need for proactive mindset change in organizations to not accept the f*&%ing status quo but rather to tap into the expertise of employees at all levels and realize the potentials in the new world of work.


This led to the theoretical and practical foundation of the co-creator model for org design and culture build - and a corresponding facilitator certification. The launch instructions are in your hand now.

Elizabeth Lembke

Elizabeth Lembke is the Chief Talent Navigator at Transforming Talent and is known best for putting the “Human” back in HR. Elizabeth specializes in helping companies not handle Talent myopically through the lenses of various HR departments but rather see them as complementary curves on the same loop - and in service of creating the most positive outcome for employees, the organization and the end-customer.
She is an IO psychologist and has 15+ years of experience as an HR challenger, consultant, and moderator. Elizabeth is a former Director of HR and Global Talent for a leading automotive supplier. During her tenure, she was responsible for Talent, Learning & Development, Employer Branding, Engagement, CSR, HR professionalism and internal communications (which explains her broad view on talent and the areas she covers as a consultant). She has been honored with multiple Innovation Awards, been designated a FranklinCovey benchmark and is a frequent HR contributor for Futures in Talent and Learning. She is also a certified systemic coach (DBVC ).
Elizabeth publishes a weekly Transforming Talent Insights newsletter, she is a consistent chairperson for Talent and Learning events, is a co-host for HR Improv Theatre and together with Anne-Cécile a big proponent of co-creation for building a culture primed for evolution.

Anne-Cécile Graber

Anne-Cécile is an international organization development specialist. She has worked internationally in start-ups, SMEs and multinationals such as Volkswagen, the OECD, and the Saint-Gobain Group. She was born in Paris, France and lived in four countries before moving to Germany in 2013.
Her passion for change led her to obtain a M.A. in organizational sciences from the George Washington University. Prior to that, she completed two Bachelors, one in International Business Administration in France and one in Information Systems Management in London. Professional certifications include systemic moderation, systemic coaching (ongoing), Design Thinking and Professional Scrum Master. She speaks German, English and Spanish.

Our why

We simply want to change the world! Make it a better place for every human being that crosses our way. We desire to awaken the creator in you. We believe that each one of us can evolve and grow if we create a safe space, a co-creator space. We want to inspire people to find their why so that the are drawn by the desire to contribute to their communities.
We focus on creating future proof organizations that take care of the customuer's customer. We build the future of work so that your organization becomes adaptable. We look at the system in which organizations evolve and give them the keys to co-creation.
This is the reason why we created the following offers:

  • Become a Co-Creator Facilitator for your organization.
  • Organize a Co-Creator Team Buildingevent
  • Plan a Co-Creator live for your organization
  • 12 Station #cocreatorchallenge

This is how we rocket your life!









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