Co-creator Captains

In the summer of 2018 two people-passionate femmes discussed the need for proactive mindset change in organizations to not accept the status quobut rather to tap into the expertise of employees at all levels and realize the potentials in the new world of work.
This led to the theoretical and practical foundation of the co-creator model for organizational design and culture build – and a corresponding facilitator certification.
To introduce your two Co-Creator Captains:

Elizabeth Lembke is Chief Talent Navigatorat Transforming Talent, a globally active consultancy specializing in people and culture solutions for organizational transformations. She works by understanding the business strategy and diagnosing the current state to determine the right-fit solutions to drive the organization’s transformation. Her work has been honored with multiple Innovation Awards, deemed a FranklinCovey benchmark, and led to the highest increase in Employee Engagement ever measured by Aon Hewitt. Prior to her consultancy work, Elizabeth was Global Director of HR and Talent for BorgWarner, leading the talent charge for 7000 employees across 11 countries and through five major M&A integrations. Shehas 15+ years of experience in strategic and hands-on human resources.

To foster understanding of the skills and capabilities needed to lead in the Future of Work, she publishesthe Transforming Talent Insightsnewsletter, to foster adaptive organizations she co-founded the solution, and is a frequent collaborator with thought-leaders in learning, talent, design, and systems thinking.

Originally from the US, Elizabeth has made her home in Germany – and yes, she speaks the local dialect of Swabian.  Elizabeth is an accredited work, organizational and cultural psychologist, systemic coach and certified facilitator.

Anne-Cécile Graber is a Change Enabler. She sees herself as a supporter of doers.  She was born in Paris, France and lived in three countries before moving to Germany in 2013. She had the chance to discover different kind of companies: the sexy start-ups before they were fashionable, SMEs in Germany and multinationals such as Volkswagen and the Saint-Gobain Group in France and Spain. She also worked for the OECD in Paris and discovered the world of international policy making.

Her passion for change led her to obtain a M.A. in organizational sciences from the George Washington University in USA due to her belief that if we want to make the world a better place we need to understand how people can better cooperate together. She also has Bachelor in  International Business Administration in France and one in Information Systems Management in London. She is certified in systemic moderation, systemic coaching, Design Thinking and is a Professional Scrum Master I. She speaks French, German, English and Spanish fluently. She has a podcast centered around Human Centered Management.