Our Why

We believe that the future of work has a lot of opportunities and potential.

if they are tapped into with the right attitude, intention and focus.

Our work is to make it happen.

Elizabeth Lembke & Anne-Cécile Graber

We simply want to change the world! Make it a better place for every human being that crosses our way. We desire to awaken the creator in you. We believe that each one of us can evolve and grow if we create a safe space, a co-creator space. We want to inspire people to find their why so that the are drawn by the desire to contribute to their communities.

We focus on creating future proof organizations that take care of the true needs of the final beneficiary of the service or product. We build the future of work so that your organization becomes adaptable. We look at the system in which organizations evolve and give them the keys to co-creation.

This is the reason why we created the following offers:

  • Organize a Co-Creator Night.
  • Plan a Co-Creator Challenge for your team.
  • Become a Co-Creator Facilitator for your organization.