Co-Creator 12 Station Challenge – co-creator space


This is the mission - should you choose to accept.

It is our belief that an innovative edge comes from iterative and adaptive solutions fueled by those on "team human". We believe that by leveraging technology and tapping into a broader spectrum of expertise and potential, one can generate better-fit solutions.

Prior to creating the Co-Creator Framework, we conducted a scan around the new realities at work and in the world, cultural evolution, social concepts, and innovation trends to see how they have been tied back to organizational design and personal growth. We looked for a framework to reflect this - could not find it.

So we decided to marry our mental powers - wanna join in on our mission?

We are extending a 12 station Co-Creator Challenge!

What is this challenge - and what is in it for you?

  • Experience co-creation in a simple form to introduce ideas and test in your own space
  • Find and join a community of practice with like-minded folks
  • Be better able to promote co-creation for your own organization or teams
  • Have fun while gaining insights

What is in it for us?

  • Test social learning as a platform
  • Validate concept
  • Putting theory into practice
  • Create an active community of learners

To join, simply register to the online course below: